Schedule of Fees




Account Service Charge (Freedom Checking)

$3.00 per month (monthly service charge waived if account is enrolled in E-Statements)

Debit Cards

Debit Card Annual Fee

if inactive for 12 months



Debit Card Replacement Fee


Visa Gift Cards


Check Cashing

Non-Customer Checks

minimum $3.00

2% of check amount

Social Security or State Entitlement checks


Savings Accounts

Savings Account Balance falls below $100


Add fees for withdrawals over three in a monthly cycle

Official Checks & Money Orders

Official Checks-1% of check amount ($3.00 minimum $15.00 Maximum)

Certified Checks-1% of check amount ($3.00 minimum $15.00 Maximum)

Money Orders-1% of amount ($3.00 minimum $10.00 maximum)

Check Printing

Varies depending on the check style ordered (


Collection Items- incoming and outgoing


Domestic Outgoing Wires


Domestic Incoming Wires


Foreign Outgoing Wires


Foreign Incoming Wires


Deposit Items Returned

Returned Item Fee (per item)


Night Deposit Services

Night Deposit Bag


Night Deposit Corrections-each

*Dual tape not provided



Monthly Fee per bag


Night Deposit Mailed Receipts


Zipper Bag



Overdraft Fee Charge per item


Returned Check Non-Sufficient Funds per item


Continuous Overdraft Fee on Consumer Accounts- When an account is overdrawn for five (5)
consecutive calendar days, your account will be charged a daily overdraft fee of $3.00
each business day your account remains overdrawn for up to 15 consecutive business days. 
These fees are in addition to the initial overdraft fee.

Daily Overdraft Fee (commercial accounts)-2nd Day and beyond


Overdraft Protection through linked Savings Account- per transfer


Special Account Services

Account Activity Printout


Account Balancing Assistance- one hour minimum


Account Research-1 hour minimum


Balance Inquiry by Phone


Close Account Fee-Savings account only (if open less than 12 months)


Copies of processed checks


Garnishment/Levy Processing/Court Orders                         


Special Statement Cutoff


Stop Payment Orders


Special Services

Notary Services-per item


Photocopies -each


Return Mail Fee


Safe Deposit Box Rental



Small Box 


Medium Box


Large Box


Extra-Large Box


Port Allen Only


Automatic Debit-Banclub


Auto Debit Small Box


Auto Debit Medium Box


Auto Debit Large Box


Auto Debit Extra Large Box


All-Initial Key Deposit



Fee $30.00 per item as of May 1, 2015

Fee $30.00 per item as of May 1, 2015

Fee $30.00 per item as of May 1, 2015